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canapés & sliders

Costings: Canapés & Sliders

 Any 4 Canapés/Slider: £10.00 pp

Eco Napkins | Finger Baths £0.75 pp

Bambooo Tongs: £1.00 each

Floral Decor: see     

Compostable Platters: Included

Plus Delivery


Plus VAT

Our canapés & sliders are set up on Platters ready for your guests to enjoy


They look visually impressive and set the tone for the event ahead


There is no need for them to be served by staff as they will be easily accessible ready for your guests to enjoy


We also provide cocktail napkins and floral/citrus finger baths - we've thought of everything!

For gatherings of 30 guests & more

On Sourdough

Homemade pesto, tapenade, sun blush tom's & basil

Balsamic glazed cucumber, seeds & edible blooms

Beetroot cream, 'feta', pink salt & micro herbs

Smashed avocado, chilli, lime, dill & blooms

Babaganoush, tahini, smoked paprika & coleslaw

Sweet chilli hummus, pomegranate & pumpkin seeds

Aubergine involtini - almond paste & sultanas

Coconut yogurt, mango, rose petals & honea

Mini Kebabs

Heritage tomatoes, olive & basil (gf)

Tofu yakitori (gf)

Falafel & pickles

Artichoke, roasted pepper & seared courgette (gf)

The above are served with a selection of dipping



Spanakopita - spinach & 'feta' in a filo pastry

Spiced kofta's with minted creme & mango chutney

'Parmesan' popcorn & herb cones (gf)

'Sausage' rolls with a chutney & tangy ketchup dip

Seasonal tarts - please enquire for flavours

Shot Glasses

Seasonal veggies with a ranch dip (gf)

Foccacia, olives & roasted garlic feta creme

Beetroot gazpacho shots 

Spicy gazpacho 


Mini Nacho stacks

Mini Taco's (BBQ jackfruit | shredded 'chicken')

Mini 'chicken' cesar salads (gf)

Mini roasted vegetable burgers with a tapenade glaze

Bruschetta with Beetroot hummus decorate
Image by Kelly Jean
Vegan Canapes
Vegan Canapes
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