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Frequently Asked Questions



Service Area's

We service the following area's:

Sussex | Surrey | London | Kent | Hampshire

The following charges apply for dropping off Grazes. If our tablescape equipment is hired and we need to return for collection there will be a 'collection surcharge fee' added to the final costs in addition to the standard travel costs below:

60 minute round-trip from RH12: No charge

90 minute round-trip from RH12: £60

120 minute round-trip from RH12: £90

180 minute round-trip from RH12: £120

Plus London Congestion & Parking if applicable

We are happy to consider further afield locations so please don't hesitate to drop us a line for a chat

Booking Process

Currently, a non refundable booking deposit of £500 is required to secure us for your date. This deposit is taken off your final bill. Full and final payment is requested a week before the event. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer

Guest Numbers

During peak Summer months & Holidays we request a minimal guest count of x 75 persons per event

Our requirements


We require parking on site of the event space if possible, if there are restrictions please do et us know so that we can plan in advance

Tables | Location of Graze

We do not supply tables/surfaces for the graze to be placed on. Please provide a suitable surface in a cool area away from direct sunlight

We provide a food grade parchment paper cover that will be placed on the provided surface. We are also able to cover your surface with a plastic layer if requested  

Access to fresh running water

Please do let us know if this is not accessible so that we can prepare accordingly


Set Up

We require around half an hour to one hour to unload our equipment and a further 1 - 3 hours to place the food. These timings are dependant on the size of the graze

Food Safety

Once we have set up the food you have a four hour window to consume the food and then it will need to be disposed of. As Fauna and Fox will not be on site at this time it is the responsibility of the client to dispose of any leftover food after the four hours

Dietary Requirements & allergies

We are able to cater for most requirements. Please enquire for further information  

Food disposal

The client and/or the venue is responsible for any food waste disposal. If hiring our tablescape accessories please place them in the boxes provided (unwashed) ready for pick up by us later the same day or within 48 hours

We do offer a clean up service - please note upon booking if you would to be quoted for this

plates | cutlery | napkins

We are able to supply eco bamboo plates or palm leaf plates, wooden cutlery & paper napkins for an additional charge of £0.80 per guest. We also have available a collection of vintage china plates and enamel bowls which can be hired for £1.20 per guest

Social Media

We love to showcase our collaborations, please let us know if you would rather not have your graze featured on social media or on our web page

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