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bagels, open sandwiches & salads

We have designed the 'bagel/sandwich 

bar' and 'salad bar' as convenient add-on's to bulk up your graze making it more substantial & suitable as the main meal of the day


A cost effective way of keeping your guests well fed & happy if you are hosting a wedding or large event 


Add on the bagel bar or salad bar (or both!) to elevate your graze and make it the ultimate event feast!

Bagels/Sandwich & Salad Costings


Bagels - Selection of 6 Toppings: £7.50 pp

Salad - Selection of 4 Salads: £8.50 pp

Plus VAT

bagel/Sandwich menu

A mix of pre-cut plain & seeded bagels and sliced rye ready for your guestS to pimp up into their dream snack!

Savoury Toppings:

'Nush' cream cheese | tahini | 'pastrami

pickles | capers | bacon bits | cucumber

heritage tomatoes | beetroot 'feta' cream tahini | roasted chickpeas | radish & dill | hummus | smashed avocado | pesto pickled cabbage | pickled red onions

Sweet Toppings:

Whipped coconut cream | dried berries | fresh berries | dried banana chips | nut butters | poached peach | poached pear dried apple | dried mango | compote

Complimentary Garnishes:

Honea | maple syrup | tahini | sesame seeds | rose petals | chia seeds | salt & pepper | smoked paprika | lemon & lime wedges | goji berries | pomegranate seeds flaked nuts

Salad Bar Menu

Classic caesar with shredded 'chicken'

Farro tabuleh

Greens, herbs & blooms with french vinaigrette

Golden beets, plum, pistachio, 'feta' & herb

Thai noodle vegetable with peanut & ginger

Red cabbage & mango slaw

Moroccan quinoa, olive & blood orange

Middle eastern balela

Potato, sun blush tomato, olive & pickles

Grilled aubergine, freekah & 'yogurt'

Sweet potato tex mex


Image by Brooke Lark
Image by Abbie Whiddett
Image by Andy Hay
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