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Image by Brooke Lark

'Cheeze' Celebration Cake

Why have cake when you can have the best there is in leading vegan cheese adorned with all the beauties... Fresh berries, fresh/dried fruits, olives, nuts, herbs, florals & edible gold

The perfect replacement to the classic wedding cake & life's big events celebration cake. A fun alternative if amazing quality vegan cheeze is your thing and you want to show off just how outstanding vegan cheeze can be!  

Our medium & mini cheeze cakes are the perfect accompaniment to your graze and look so beautiful set up as the star of the show or as a stand alone piece

Available as a single medium or mini or stacked to create a tiered cake

Cheeze cake


'Green Vie Blue' 200g

'Organic Gondino - Chili Flakes 200g

'Organic Gondino' - Herbs 200g

'Honestly Tasty Shamembert' 160g


Fresh & dried fruits & berries

Fresh & dried edible flowers




Edible Gold

Cream Cheeze Frosting



Both the medium & the mini's come with crackers, chutney & vegan honea



Mini: Serves 2 - 4 as a snack

Medium: Serves 10 - 12 as a snack

Costings: Cheeze Cakes


Mini Cheeze Cake: £75.00

Medium Cheeze Cake: £185.00

Stacked Medium & Mini: £340.00


Plus additional 'Add on's' if requested

- Eco plates, cutlery & napkins: £2.00 pp

- Additional Cheeze: Price upon request


Includes all decor, crackers & chutney

Plus Courier Delivery

Plus VAT

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