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Cakes & Puds

Dessert  Menu


Mix and match dessert tables...


Summer pudding with a vanilla coconut whip

Baked amaretto & vanilla 'cheesecake'

Baked new york vanilla & blueberry 'cheesecake'

Coney island (confetti sprinkles) 'cheesecake'

Seasonal fruit salad with a herb & 'honea' syrup

Spiced apple tart open top tart

Victoria plum pie

Roasted fig & raspberry crumble pie

Forest fruit lattice pie

Peach & pear flaky pie

Pumpkin spiced pie

Sherry trifle - retro galore!

Tangy lemon 'meringue'

Victoria sponge with fresh berries, white choc & pecan

Elvis Cake - banana, peanut & chocolate

Lemon drizzle

Lemon & lavender

Popcorn salted caramel

Chocolate fudge & orea

Carrot with a blood orange frosting

Rhubarb & ginger

Brambly apple & elderflower

Petit fours selection - displayed on vintage stands



Tea,  Coffee  &  Bon  Bons 


Tea & Coffee Options


Served with your choice of plant milk, 'Honea' & lemon


English breakfast

Earl grey


Gunpowder green tea

Love Tea

Peppermint & nettle

Fruit teas

Formosa oolong

Fair Trade coffee

Served in pretty vintage china


Homemade Bon Bons

Coconut Ice (gf)

Peppermint creams (gf)

Violet creams (gf)

Chocolate buttons decorated with dried blooms & gold

(gf) - gluten free friendly

Jam and Tea Wedding Catering
Raw vegan cashew cheesecake bites with b
Easter Cake
Edited Image 2016-02-13 16-17-26
Meringue Tart
Jam and Tea Wedding Catering
Popcorn Cake
Cheesecake with Strawberries
Jam and Tea Wedding Catering
Lemon Pie
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