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Vegan grazing dessert

Dessert Bars

Our dramatic dessert bar's are the perfect choice for weddings and corporate do's where you want your guests to be truly wowed and dessert is the best bit right?!


Our treats are styled using accessories & blooms to suit your theme/requirements

We offer two dessert menu's:

- Patisserie/Petit Fours

- Pimping Treats

Minimal numbers of x 60 guests apply

Each guest receives x 4 treats

Costings: Dessert Bar


Selection of any x 4 Desserts: £12.00 pp

Plus additional 'Add on's' if requested

- Eco plates, cutlery & napkins: £2.00 pp

- Accessory hire: included


- Floral Decor: see     

Plus Delivery

Plus VAT

Patisserie/petit fours

Fruit salad with a herb, honea & rose syrup

A selection of seasonal open top fruit pies

Spiced carrot cake 

Elvis brownies

Prosecco, elderflower & berry jelly

Raspberry & white chocolate mousse

Sponge disk with creme, fruit & blooms

Raw cheesecake with a blueberry compote

Lemon, lavender & fig cake

Victoria sponges

Coffee, rum & walnut cake with gold leaf


Chocolate fudge cake with sprinkles

Coconut cookies with vanilla buttercream

(All individual, mini sizes)

vegan grazing dessert

Pimping treats

Brownie  Bar




Hazelnut spread | pistachio & raspberry oreo | salted caramel 

triple chocolate | peanut butter 

Pimp with


Cocoa powder | chocolate syrup

maple syrup | strawberry syrup 

chocolate chips | cinnamon sugar 

vanilla sugar | rainbow sprinkles 

jelly tots | rainbow puffs   marshmallows | peanuts | glitter   vanilla 'cream' | fruit dust


Fruit  Pie  Bar


Spiced apple | blueberry | pumpkin forest fruit crumble | raspberry custard rhubarb & strawberry crumble | flaky pear | peach & almond

Pimp with

Coconut whip | 'cream' | vanilla pod custard | seasonal berries | flaked nuts coconut crumb | strawberry dust raspberry dust | vanilla dust


Scone  Bar



Plain | blueberry & cream |strawberry

sultana | candied ginger | coconut 

cherry | pecan & maple

Pimp with

A selection of jams (wild strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, hedgerow) | fresh berries | coconut whip | cherry's

chocolate chips | edible glitter 

vegan grazing dessert
Apple Pie With Fresh Fruits.jpg
vegan grazing dessert
vegan grazing dessert
vegan grazing dessert
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